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Vocal cord problems come in many different varieties. Vocal Cord Nodules are swellings that occur in the frontal portion of the vocal cord and occur from unusual voice habits. Laryngitis is the inflammation of the voice box or larynx and occurs from viruses or bacteria or from yelling, and in serious cases; the causes may be smoking, chronic sinusitis, or acid reflux.

Vocal Cord Polyps are overgrowths that occur in the outer parts of the vocal cords and happen in people who smoke, yell or over-extend their voices, or from acid reflux. Cysts in the vocal cord are lesions filled with fluid and attach themselves to the undersurface of the vocal cord. Granulomas are sores on the vocal chords that are cause by acid reflux. Papillomas are virus caused lesions that occur on the larynx and can cause anything from hoarse voice to a closing of the airway.

Acid Reflux is basically the reverse flow of stomach contents up the esophagus, which causes parts of the vocal cords or larynx to be irritated by the stomach acids and can cause hoarse voice, coughing, constant clearing of the throat, and sometimes the feeling of something in your throat.

Aging of the Larynx is another vocal cord problem but this is caused from the weakening of the larynx muscles, which become curved and leave a gap that allows air to escape and causes breathiness and decreases loudness. Vocal Cord Telengiectasias is when the blood

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