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Prof. Y. Goldhammer, Head of Neurology Department, Shiba Hospital, Israel.

I have had the opportunity to acquaint myself with Paula Garbourg’s method and work over a period of fifteen years, and the chance to assure myself of its efficacy. [Garbourg] applied a well-known physiological principle, that the activity of one particular muscle is likely to affect the activity of another muscle, even one located some distance away. To bring this point home, let us take the example of a woman of about 40, suffering from the fairly common combination of low back pain, headache, sinusitis, blocked nasal passages, constipation, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, a prolapsed uterus, impaired bladder control, insomnia, irritability and depression. Her GP. will prescribe some form of medication, or will send her to one or more of the following specialists: orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, ear, nose, and throat specialist, general surgeon, gynecologist, urologist or psychiatrist. Each will suggest either medication or surgery.

It is reasonable to assume that despite protracted and diversified treatment there will be no marked improvement in this woman’s condition. The numerous and dubious afflictions of this unfortunate woman may well stem from a slackness of the muscles of the back and the pelvic regions. Strengthening these muscles, giving up high-heeled shoes, acquiring correct habits of posture – standing, walking, etc. – all of these may well cure her completely. The old Roman saying ‘a sound mind in a sound body’ will prove true in this case, as well.

Paula Garbourg’s Sphincter Gymnastics has more than once succeeded where a variety of medical treatments have failed. It is often difficult to explain the beneficial results, and there is a need to study and research this method. The public would do well to make its acquaintance.

Bruce Pomeranz MD./ Ph.D, .Professor at the University of Toronto.

In our attempts to have patients take responsibility for their own health, and to reduce the use of dangerous drugs and surgery, [Paula Garbourg’s Ring Muscle] exercises seem to be most appropriate. Their efficacy has already been validated in anecdotal reports in Israel. Mrs. Garbourg has been teaching the exercises for over 40 years, and many physicians vouch for their efficacy.

Dr. H. Tiphereth Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics.

I came into contact with Paula’s sphincter muscle exercises in 1986 through one of my patients who has prolapsed genital organs. Since that time I personally did these exercises for relief of my asthma – of which Thank God I am now free – and other ailments from which I was suffering. I know that many people with ailments like prolapse of genital organs, incontinence of urine or feces, prolapse of rectum, problems with prostate glands, prolapse of the discs of the vertebrae column, asthma, headaches, partial palsies after C.V.A. or other forms of muscle troubles like E.P. were enormously aided by Paula’s exercises.

Dr. Gorge Amshalom M.D, Clinical Physician.

A group of five patients were chosen with back pain, lower back pain, urination disturbances and other complaints. A significant improvement in their general feeling and in their specific ailment was noticed by each member of the group. Each member passed a checkup before, during ,and after treatment; we were impressed by a significant improvement in their condition.

A. Yaroslavsky M.D. Pediatrician.

The principle of Sphincter-Gymnastics is based on Paula Garbourg’s observation that in the healthy body all the sphincters work together as one unit. In the healthy body all the sphincters contract and relax simultaneously, activating the respiratory system, gastrointestinal system and the urogenital system. It is possible to induce the activity of involuntary sphincters by the voluntary ones and activate the malfunctioning area by the healthy one. There are a lot of cases that were helped by this method of “Sphincter Gymnastics.” Paula Garbourg has an experience of over forty years.

Dr. M. Levy Medical Director – Complementary Medicine, Clalit HMO

Dear Haya,


As you realized we offer our Health Insurance members a variety of alternative (complimentary) healing methods, including the Ring Muscles techniques of Paula Garbourg, known here as the Paula Method.

Thank you for visiting our center during your stay in Israel.

Most of the patients are referred to the Paula Method ‘s practitioners through our Physicians, as an “alternative remedy” to the conventional medical solutions (drugs).

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