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Paula Garbourg Method

Born 1907 in Germany where she practiced opera singing, piano playing and started a carrer as a professional Ballet dancer.

After immigrating in 1936 to what would become the state of Israel, Paula Garbourg contracted a serious debilitating disease.

Four different physicians informed her that she would spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair, yet she would not accept any of those diagnostics…

Unwilling to accept these prognoses, Paula drew on her early training in opera and ballet dancing, and began a rigorous, physical experiment trying to find a cure for her condition. Stubborn and persistent, she developed a set of exercises based on the relationship between different muscles and organs, and willed her body to a full recovery.

Once Paula had completely recovered from her illness, she began studying Anatomy and different forms of physical therapy, to understand the underlying principles on which her exercises worked.

alternative medicine backache Over the past 50 years, under observance of suspicious and doubtful physicians, Paula has developed and refined her technique to finally be recognized by all HMOs in Israel.

Paula trained a trusted group of practitioners who are carrying on her work, helping thousands who failed to find cure or relief by modern medicine, and wrote her book – The Secret of the Ring Muscles that was translated to English and now enable people all around the world to benefit from her method.

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