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Haya Garbourg, daughter in law of the founder and developer of the Paula Method was certified by Paula Garbourg in 1979. Haya worked alongside with Paula and for several years, including visits and treatment to institution of children with disabilities and elderly home.Haya then moved to the Florida for 20 years where she started the Paula Garbourg Institute USA, before returning to Israel. Heading the Paula Garbourg Institute in Israel,

Haya is now helping patients worldwide benefit from the Paula Method’s solution over the Internet, guiding adults and children suffering from…

Respiratory system – various respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, Stridor .

Orthopedc piproblems – postural problems , back pain , scoliosis , kyphosis , neck pain and back on , knee pain , joint pain, arthritis .

Digestive System – constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel , hemorrhoids , fistula , incontinence cage , prolapsed rectum , indigestion .

Urinary System – incontinence , frequency and urgency of urination , irritable bladder , bedwetting , prolapsed bladder, prostate .

Reproductive system – strengthening the pelvic floor , prolapsed of the uterus, prolapsed vagina , menstrual pain , irregular cycle , and Ginismos , problems with sexual function .

Pregnancy and childbirth – childbirth classes , childbirth function rehabilitation after birth .

Rehabilitation – after accidents and surgery , paralysis , stroke, Bell ‘s palsy .

Degenerative diseases – such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease.

Headaches and migraines.

Problems of the vocal cords – hoarseness , warts .

Stress – trouble concentrating , difficulty sleeping , anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder .

Children – wetting problems , ADHD , evolution of different problems , cerebral palsy.

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