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30 minutes a day …… that’s all it takes

Easy to follow exercises… only 30 minutes a day… will take the pain away – heal, rejuvenate and strengthen your body. Exercising can be done while driving, watching TV, or sitting by your computer. No exercising instruments are required!

Read the book, understand the technique and then watch the DVD describing the proper way to exercise.


The Secret of the Ring Muscles by Paula Garbourg was first published in Israel in 1979.

The 157 pages English version includes a comprehensive description of the technique and philosophy on how the Paula MethodT affect your health.

Ring Muscle Exercises


A powerful tool complementing the book, where Haya Garbourg describes and demonstrates the Paula MethodT with a patient. Haya is Paula’s daughter-in-law and has been practicing the Paula MethodT for over 30 years. She had studied and practiced under the tutelage of Paula in the Paula Garbourg Institute in Israel for 15 years and now heads the Paula Garbourg Institute USA.

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