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There is a system of muscles in the human body that is the source of life’s fundamental process. These are the Ring Muscles, also known as sphincters. There are Ring Muscles in every part of our body, both internally and externally and it is their coordinated and harmonious contraction 

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and relaxation that initiates breathing, digestion, circulation, elimination, and all muscular motion.

Paula Garbourg, the developer of The Paula Method explains that the basic principle behind her method of self-healing is the way the Ring Muscles function; their importance in everyday life, and the problems that can result when they fail to work together properly. Based on decades of experience, Paula Garbourg developed a series of exercises that will allow you to take advantage of this revolutionary approach to self-healing and get cured or relief from most common ailments.

Paula Garbourg observed that when the Ring Muscles all work together, we are in good health. When the Ring Muscles do not work together, illness and imbalance result. By improving the functioning of these muscles, she discovered, we can free ourselves of various pains and health problems.

Improvement of the Ring Muscles function is done through a series of exercises, in which we contract and relax certain muscles such as the eyes, nostrils, mouth and lower Sphincters that creates a chain reaction, reaching and healing ailing Ring Muscles.

Being that each body is different from the other, there are no particular exercises for any given ailment and it might take several exercises to find the most functional exercise that will initiate the chain reaction and will result in body balance, healing the ailing part.

I Personally Did These Exercises For Relief Of My Asthma – Of Which Thank God I Am Now Free – And Other Ailments From Which I Was Suffering. I Know That Many People With Ailments Like Prolapse Of Genital Organs, Prolapse Of The Discs Of The Vertebrae Column, Asthma, Headaches, Partial Palsies After C.V.A Or Other Forms Of Muscular Troubles Like E.P. Were Enormously Aided By Paula’s Exercises.  Dr. H. Tipereth Specialist In Gynecology And Obstetrics

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