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Do I need instruments? need for any instrument

Do i need to lie in bed to do the exercises?

You can exercise in bed, while sitting by the computer or TV. You can even do certain exercises while driving.

How often should I exercise?

We recommend 30 minutes daily. Eventually your body will initiate certain moves / exercises on its own.

How long will it take for the body to heal?

Time varies from one body to other and the frequency of doing the exercises. Also the type of ailment is a factor.

Are the exercise sessions done in groups?

No, the exercises are done in person, one patient at the time, since each body reacts differently to any exercise.

Does the Paula Method involves stretching or massage?

No. The exercises are done by the patient only! The practitioner will demonstrate the exercise, watch the patient and correct when necessary and observe the body’ reaction, before turning to another exercise.

How come the Paula Method is mostly known in Israel?

The founder Paula Garbourg lived in Israel where she trained and certified new practitioners. patients were referred by physicians or by word of mouth. While many in Israel turns to the practitioner, there were no certified practitioners worldwide to turn to. Till now.

What is needed for a remote practitioner session?

A computer (preferably laptop) viewable from bed wile laying and Web Camera pointing to the bed. That’s all that is required.

Can the book and DVD be sufficient?

The book, written by Paula Garbourg, is offering an in-depth explanation of the Paula Method and the right way to practice it. The DVD provides description of the right way to exercise. Most get results from exercising according to it, some seek guidance if not getting results, even if for one session.

How does the Remote Practitioner works?

Place an order at the Remote Practitioner order form. We will then confirm appointment as per your preference and will contact you at the time selected. We will also advise you how to set your PC or Laptop computer.

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