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By Robert B. Ferraro on March 21, 2001

Author Paula Garbourg calls her programme “sphincter gymnastics,” and after excercising your sphincter for 30 minutes you begin to feel like you’ve been straddling the Pommel Horse for weeks. After getting used to the regimine, though I’ve begun to feel the benefits: better digestion, more frequent bowel movements, less flatulance and relief from chronic hemorrhoid.

Amazing how this book helps

By sharon on December 19, 2010

After the reading the book and reviewing the DVD i did several exercises and was astonished by my body’s reaction.
its like no other feeling i got from trying other methods.
Wow. what an experience. I recommend to all!

Subtle but powerful

By howgal on August 15, 2010

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

This book was given to me by a client who had a severe head injury from a car accident. I’m a craniosacral therapist and also do work with the organs called visceral manipulation. She did the exercises while I worked on her. Very powerful combination. She had changes happening in her head that would have taken quite a bit longer to happen without the combination. I got the book for myself and found that my eyesight improved while doing the exercises. I didn’t do them enough, I guess, to feel a change in my digestive system. Another thing on the list to do!

Mom loves it!

By johnd on January 8, 2012

I bought this for my mother after my wife had heard it’s a good book. Well, my mom loves it and she swears by the techniques the book teaches!

Haya changed my life.

I felt the change immediately after the first treatment. I felt much better – I got my appetite back and I felt more energetic and vital. things got better from day to day. Haya was there for me for everything I needed. she was always looking for the right combination of exercises that would fit me the best. she taught me how to use the Paula Method technique and make it a part of my life. this is the best part about the technique – you can do it anytime anywhere.

it’s not only the technique but also Haya herself – she is so optimistic and full of life – she gives you the feeling that everything is going to be ok.

I keep using the technique – even for a few minutes every day – and I can still feel the change. things are getting better and better. I know that I can call Haya any time – she is always there for me.

Thank you so much Haya for everything !!!


I breath freely,

Following several treatments by the Paula Institute and mostly exercises at home, I have recovered for years of Asthma. 

No more inhaler and visits to the doctor (who recommended the treatment).

Thanks for helping me gain freedom!

Suzi Fline

No more pumpers and inconvenience.

Its now 3 months since I started exercising. I was skeptic about the Paula Method for… 1 week… I then felt the changes in functioning and controlling my bladder. I feel I gained back my life.

I recommend it to all!


Thank you Haya.

I was suffering from back pain that would paralyze me as often as 4-5 times yearly for the past several years, mostly at the lower back.

I tried most alternative solutions and medication; they gave relief that lasted only for a short while.

I was skeptic when offered by my physician to try the Ring Muscles exercises of Paula Garbourg as I never heard about it, but needed a solution that would last and gave it a try.

I met Haya and was given a series of exercises. After the second visit and repeated exercising at home, the pain faded and shorts tly after gone.

The pain repeated after several months and I called Haya who patiently reminded me of the exercises I already knew. I did the simple exercises at home, mostly when watching TV or working on the computer and the pain gone. Needless to say that my self confidence raised, knowing how to control the pain.

Thank you Haya


Hello Haya,

Thank you so much for the session today! It was so great! Thanks for being so happy, bright and supportive!

During the session as my body was releasing, I felt old emotions like feeling bad about myself, shame, self-hatred and embarrassment very quickly lift away. As I was convulsing, I felt my body was really trying to push something out through my breath. I also felt my body was trying to bring air and movement into different areas of my body through the convulsing.

After the session I feel light and happy. I feel there has been a passageway of air that has been created from my nose to my brain and I feel my brain is receiving more oxygen. I feel my breathing is clearer.

Waiting for next session
Thank you again!

with love and light,

June 2017

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