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Scoliosis is a disorder where the spine becomes bent in the left to right sides of the body as opposed to the front and back parts. Scoliosis can be in a C or S shape. When it happens the persons vertebrae start moving and turning, which causes the muscles and ligaments to weaken. It also causes problems with the nerves.

Ring Muscles exercises are found to effect the body’s posture and the back position.

Scoliosis may cause the ribs to crowd together on one side and spread apart in the other and can eventually cause heart and lung problems. Scoliosis is more common in females than males and is generally spotted in the area between 10-17 years of age.

The causes are still unknown but some research has shown that it may have some connection with genetics; some birth defects may also be the cause of this disorder. Diseases that affect the muscles around the spine, the nerves, or even the bone structure cause sometimes Scoliosis.

By combining Ring Muscles exercises with appropriate massage, positive results and changes may be achieved.

Bruce Pomeranz, MD./Ph.D,.Professor at the University of Toronto:

In our attempts to have patients take responsibility for their own health, and to reduce the use of dangerous drugs and surgery, Paula Garbourg’s Ring Muscle exercises seem to be most appropriate. Their efficacy has already been validated in anecdotal reports in Israel. Mrs. Garbourg has been teaching the exercises for over 40 years, and many physicians vouch for their efficacy.

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