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As in most ailments, also people that suffered injuries during car accident, usually requires multiple treatments depending on the type of injuries. They may have suffered head injury, Neck Injuries, Spinal Cord Injuries, Back Injuries, Internal Injuries or in many cases Psychological Injury.

As there are Ring Muscles in every part of our body, and it is their coordinated and harmonious contraction and relaxation that initiates breathing, digestion, circulation elimination, and all muscular motion it is just logic that the Paula Method will work on the body as a whole. 

There are no stretching of the body, nor any exercise that requires major effort, only a series of gentle contraction and relaxation of the mouth, nostrils, eyes and lower sphincters.

Paula Garbourg observed that when the Ring Muscles all work together, we are in good  health and by improving the functioning of these muscles, she discovered, we can free ourselves of various pains and health problems.

Being that each body is different from the other, there are no particular exercises for any given ailment and it might take several rehabilitation exercises to find the most functional exercise that will initiate the chain reaction and will result in body balance, healing the ailing parts.

Prof. Y. Goldhammer, Head of Neurology Department, Shiba Hospital, Israel.

I have had the opportunity to acquaint myself with Paula Garbourg’s method and work over a period of fifteen years, and the chance to assure myself of its efficacy. [Garbourg] applied a well-known physiological principle, that the activity of one particular muscle is likely to affect the activity of another muscle, even one located some distance away. To bring this point home, let us take the example of a woman of about 40, suffering from the fairly common combination of low back pain, headache, blocked nasal passages, impaired bladder control, insomnia, irritability and depression. Her GP. will prescribe some form of medication, or will send her to one or more of the following specialists: orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, ear, nose, and throat specialist, general surgeon, gynecologist, urologist or psychiatrist. Each will suggest either medication or surgery.

It is reasonable to assume that despite protracted and diversified treatment there will be no marked improvement in this woman’s condition. The numerous and dubious afflictions of this unfortunate woman may well stem from a slackness of the muscles of the back and the pelvic regions. Strengthening these muscles, acquiring correct habits of posture – standing, walking, etc. – all of these may well cure her completely. The old Roman saying ‘a sound mind in a sound body’ will prove true in this case, as well.

Paula Garbourg’s Sphincter Gymnastics has more than once succeeded where a variety of medical treatments have failed. It is often difficult to explain the beneficial results, and there is a need to study and research this method. The public would do well to make its acquaintance.

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