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Mental Retardation is a disorder in which the brain function is at a level below average. People who have this problem have a difficulty in dealing with common daily tasks. Retardation becomes apparent when the child begins attending school and is realized before the person reaches maturity.

The disorder may interfere with learning, communication, self-care, independent living, social interaction and many other normal day to day occurrences. There are different degrees of retardation people have that range from mild, who can still have semi-normal lives, to severe who have trouble with speech. The causes are either genetic or from development in the womb during pregnancy.

Retardation from problems during pregnancy is caused by the use of drugs and misuse of alcohol, or from viral infections the mother may have during pregnancy and even malnutrition. Some cases do often occur after the child is born. If the child gets ill when he is still very young it may lead to illnesses that cause brain damage if not treated immediately.

Retardation can also occur from brain damage from hits to the head, or near drowning, or even trauma from child abuse.

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