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Incontinence comes in many forms; one is due to the stress put on the bladder by weak pelvic muscle support or a weak or damaged sphincter muscle.

controlling urinary incontinence Is important to maintain healthy life. In cases of a person not being able to control the bladder, then urinary incontinence treatment is required. There are medicine and surgical ways to gain control, yet the healthiest and easiest way to achiv incontinence control, are the natural Paula Method exercises of the Ring Muscles.

In case of the bladder incontinence, pressure put on the bladder such as coughing or sneezing or running leads to urine leaking. Urge incontinence is caused from the bladder being overactive and contracting. This leads to urges of needing a toilet or even leaking without any warning. Some reasons associated with incontinence control are from infections or even from nerves.

Overflow incontinence is when the bladder becomes too full and overflows, this happens because of a weak bladder or from something preventing urination. Constipation is a problem where bowel cannot pass through the anus. It is caused by an improper diet, irregular eating hours, avoiding bowel movements voluntarily, lack of exercise, use of some drugs, and even some illnesses. Having irregular bowel habits may cause people to feel depressed or stressed and may result in loss of bowel wall muscles. Symptoms of constipation are headaches, feeling sluggish, bloated or uncomfortable. Therefore controlling urinary incontinence is of great importance.

Prevent and cure of incontinence can be reached by doing Ring Muscles Exercises getting the body to start a self healing process. The person’s state of mind benefits as his or her posture improves. As physical balance is restored through exercises, we gain full  Incontinence control.

Once you learn which exercises help you to regain your physical and mental balance, you will be able to help yourself, without having to ever depend on medication that does not heal, but rather provides a momentarily relief and create total dependence in drugs.

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