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Hyperactivity or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder{ADHD) is a problem that occurs in children usually. Hyperactivity is the problem where the person cannot focus on anything, stay put for more than a few minutes, or control him or herself from doing impulsive things. These people generally have trouble with school or work, friends, or family life. Hyperactivity occurs usually in childhood and more in males at about a four to one ratio, and it sometimes even persists into adulthood. People suffering from Hyperactivity have very short attention spans and need to keep moving constantly whether it is just fidgeting in place or walking around aimlessly. Another problem is that they tend to do things that make them dangerous to themselves by doing something impulsive and harmful out of nowhere. Adults who have Hyperactivity usually don’t hold on to the same job for a long time because they get bored with doing the same thing constantly.

About 6% of kids have ADHD. That means out of 100 kids, six of them may have ADHD. Kids who have ADHD usually start having problems in preschool.

Sometimes they can be disorganized, distracted, or forgetful. They might lose things and have trouble finishing assignments. They may wiggle around in their seats, move around a lot, talk too much, or interrupt other people’s conversations.

Working with kids diagnosed with Hyperactivity, engaging them in Ring Muscles exercises I saw some that regained control over their body and their behavior changed dramatically.

The family reaction was usualy… we got our life back.

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