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Everyone knows what flat feet are. But not everyone knows that they can often be brought back to a normal state. Ring Muscles exercises are used to straighten the body, these results in the lifting of fallen arches, and the feet gradually begin to work and become more flexible.

In flat-footed people, it is usually best to begin with exercises for the oral sphincter. When the mouth is contracted, the shoulders pull back and the rib cage rises. The spinal curves become flatter and the pelvis returns to a normal position. As a result, the height of arches also improves.

Ring Muscles exercises must be strengthened in order to get flat feet into proper shape. There are a number of Ring Muscles exercises that are beneficial for this. The Contracting and Relaxing the Lips exercise causes the feet to arch. They arch up with each contraction of the lips, and sink back with each relaxation. When the Upper Lip to Nose exercise is done so that the curled upper lip reaches the nose, the foot also rises. Other beneficial exercises include Vigorous Closing and Opening of the Eyes, which causes the feet to begin to work and become more flexible. It is a prerequisite for correcting flat feet. The Fingers to Palms exercise is useful for improving the state of the feet as well.

There is no doubt that the easiest and safest way to improve flat feet is the Paula method, and it takes 30 minutes a day to get your body under control.

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