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Among primitive peoples, women giving birth rely on experience passed from generation to generation, and on their own bodies, to do this natural job without interference. Modern women in developed countries also can give birth to their children without fear, and almost without pain, as long as all of the Ring muscles are functioning properly and the childbirth is natural.

Women should prepare themselves for childbirth help with sphincter exercises starting as early in pregnancy as possible. These exercises put the sphincters into normal, healthy shape (provided, of course, that there is no infection, genetic disturbance, or other abnormality). Attention must be paid to breathing as well. If sphincter action is normal, a woman’s breathing is regular and her posture is erect. Her abdominal and back muscles support her spine, and the curves in the spine are normal, not exaggerated. This keeps the edges of the upper pelvis and the abdomen from dropping forward, and prevents varicose veins from forming. It also prevents the backaches that often occur in pregnancy.

It sometimes happens after childbirth that the mother’s milk either does not flow or is insufficient. If this condition is not due to illness but to stress, exhaustion, or something of that sort, gently contracting and relaxing the eyelids may be helpful. While doing this exercise, the new mother usually feels milk being released and flowing into her breasts quite soon. She and her infant are soothed together.

The use of tampons during menstruation hampers the activity of the vaginal sphincter muscles. Women who use tampons sometimes have a feeling of being unable to breathe, hear, or see as usual, and may even faint. This is because one malfunctioning sphincter keeps other sphincters from functioning properly. It is important to learn to listen to your body’s signals and respond accordingly. Menstrual cramps also are a sign of abnormal functioning of the body. An exercise like closing and opening of the eyes can give rise to harmonious function of all sphincters, and thus keep a woman from suffering cramps.

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