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Backaches are caused by muscle and tendon strain and sprain, muscle tension, emotional stress, poor posture and many other reasons.

Not exercising is also a big reason for back pains to happen, as well as too much exercising and over-extension causing muscles spasms in the back. Different diseases such as arthritis and tuberculosis can also cause back problems. Back problems can also occur from pains in other parts of the body and the pain just travels to the back, this is called referred pain. Nerve irritation is the reason for pain and happens when there is a misalignment in the spine where nerves are damaged or irritated. This problem is called Vertebral Subluxation Complex and is thought by many to be the main reason for pain.

Ring Muscles exercises will improve the body’s posture and will ease the tension and eventually eliminate the backache. There are a number of Ring Muscles exercises that are beneficial for the backache relief. Contracting and relaxing the Lips exercise or squeezing and relaxing the eyes will create the chain reaction of the Ring Muscles.. When the Upper Lip to Nose exercise is done so that the curled upper lip reaches the nose, the back is effected and backaches fades. Other beneficial exercises include Vigorous Closing and Opening of the Eyes,

Patients that engaged in Ring Muscles Exercises reported that the backache was mostly gone after several days. Once the exercises that best worked for them spotted, they would repeat same exercise if or when backaches appeared again.

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