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Many people with asthma and other respiratory ailments have reported significant improvement, even with complete normalization of their breathing as a result of doing Ring Muscles’ exercises. They often mention that with Ring Muscles exercises, they are able to help themselves, whereas previously they had been dependent on medication and devices.

People who have respiratory problems such as asthma usually do not have good posture. Their bodies usually slope forward, reflecting a malfunctioning of the chest muscles and diaphragms resulting from a weak front sphincter. Once they have straightened up through sphincter gymnastics, their breathing almost always improved and most important of all, they learn which exercises their bodies need to function better, so they can help themselves during acute attacks. Many people have told me they have been able to reduce or even do away with their reliance on medication as a result.

As so often is the case with Ring Muscles exercises, a person with asthma and other respiratory problems does not start out by exercising the weak front sphincter directly, but instead reaches it through one or more healthy sphincters. Usually, we begin with other exercises to strengthen the back muscles, first of all the Upper Lip to Nose exercise, and progress to the upper Lip to Nose exercise once sufficient muscle tone has been developed.

Cure asthma – Systematic exercising of the Ring Muscles strengthens weakened muscles and malfunctioning organs and limbs. For people with Asthma, these natural healing exercises commonly result in the curing or relief of pain and discomfort as are the results of asthma and related cure respiratory ailments.

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