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Modern life puts most of us under heavy daily stress causing physical anxiety which creates muscles tension that affects breathing, the nervous system and blood circulation. In addition, we are not operating our body in a sufficient nor the right way. We sit many hours, we travel from one place to another instead of walking, and we activate one part of our body (usually the eyes) excessively, while the rest of the body weakens.

There is a system of muscles in the human body that is the source of life’s fundamental process.

These are the Ring Muscles, also known as sphincters, and are in every part of our body, both internally and externally and it is their coordinated and harmonious contraction and relaxation that initiates breathing, digestion, circulation, elimination, and all muscular motion.

Paula Garbourg observed that when the Ring Muscles all work together, we are in good health, yet when the Ring Muscles do not work together, illness and imbalance result. By improving the functioning of these muscles, she discovered, we can free ourselves of various pains and health problems.

What makes the Paula Method stand out among most other alternative healing exercises and solutions are unique; the body heals itself.

There are no stretching of the body, nor “guiding” the body what to do… but rather gentle activation of the external ring muscles, that will as a result create a chain reaction in the body, reaching the ailing area.

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