Frequently asked questions

Environmental and Geologic Consulting

  • Groundwater and soil investigations

  • PBS compliance inspections and reporting

  • MOSF compliance sampling and reporting

  • UST removal and oversight

  • Soil vapor intrusion assessment

  • Phase I/Phase II ESAs and transaction screens

  • Litigation and expert witness support

  • Wetlands delineation

  • Absestos and lead assessments

  • SPCC Plans

See the LaBella's entire range of environmental consulting services here.

Environmental Remediation Solutions

  • Remediation system design, build, and installation

  • Soil vapor extraction and air sparge systems

  • Total fluids extraction

  • Groundwater extraction and treatment

  • In-situ chemical treatment remediation technology

  • Portable dewatering and treatment, up to 900 gpm combined capacity

  • Remote computer monitoring and logic control

  • Equipment monitoring and maintenance

Drilling and Sampling Services

  • Solil probe and macrocore sampling

  • Chemical reagent injection wells

  • Monitoring well installation

  • Geotechnical sampling

  • Sonic drilling

  • Rock coring

Centralized Logic Controls

  • Reduce onsite visits by only making necessary service calls

  • Configure and send email/SMS alarms to yourself or service personnel, monitor energy consumption

  • Statisics and reports on current/historical consumption

  • Operate systems remotely