Paula Method The Secret of the Ring Muscles
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30 minutes a day …… that’s all it takes

Natural Self Healing…Easy to follow exercises… only 30 minutes a day… will take the pain away – heal, rejuvenate and strengthen your body. Exercising can be done while driving, watching TV, or sitting by your computer. No exercising instruments are required!

Read the healing book, understand the technique and then watch the DVD describing the proper way to exercise.

The Healing Book –


The Secret of the Ring Muscles by Paula Garbourg was first published in Israel in 1979.

The 157 pages English version of the healing book includes a comprehensive description of the technique and philosophy on how the Paula Method of ring muscles / sphincters excesses affect your health.



A powerful tool complementing the book, where Haya Garbourg describes and demonstrates the Paula Method with a patient. Haya is Paula’s daughter-in-law and has been practicing the Paula Method for over 30 years. She had studied and practiced under the tutelage of Paula in the Paula Garbourg Institute in Israel for 15 years and now heads the Paula Garbourg Institute USA.


Remote Practitioner -Get assistance from a certified practitioner at home!

While in Israel there are over 100 certified practitioners of the Paula Method providing one on one sessions to patients seeking healing to their ailments, there are non at the moment elsewhere in the world.

To allow more people suffering from ailments treated by the Ring Muscles exercises, we have a solution…

Get the same benefit of having a certified practitioner at YOUR HOME!

Haya Garbourg is now available to determine which exercise will best work for you according to your body’ reaction to each exercise.

Each body reacts differently to the various exercises and an experienced guide will help you achieve the best results in the shortest time.

How it works…

Haya will contact you through an online video conference and introduce herself. After getting your background information and necessary details of your ailment, Haya will show you what exercise to do while observing your body’s reaction to it while you lie in your bed. Several exercises may be required until the right combination of exercises will be determined.


All you need is high speed Internet connection and a computer with a webcam. Set the computer or portable device on a desk near your bed. Make sure to position the screen so you will be able to see and hear the instructions while lying in bed with the camera directed to you.

Each session will last 50 minutes. For your benefit you should repeat the exercises daily (or as often as you wish) on your own. Exercises have varied effects on different people / bodies and Haya will determine which exercise better work for you and whether you require additional exercises. Session frequency depends entirely on your preference. Some patients require constant observation to help them focus, and others require less.

The cost per session is $100.

To order first session:

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